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The Performance Manifesto 7 Steps to Brilliant Performance

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The Performance Manifesto 7 Steps to Brilliant Performance

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Perform brilliantly in your work, personal and social life. The book combines techniques of Sports Psychology, Hypnotherapy and NLP to provide a simple 7 step process to train yourself to perform brilliantly at normal tasks that we all face regularly. The book explains how the steps work and then provides examples from major sporting teams & occasions to illustrate how they work in practice.

Daragh Sheridan is an author and businessman living with his wife and two boys in the picturesque village of Howth in Dublin, Ireland.

Daragh helps clients and readers to improve their performance in all areas of their life. He specialises in improving performance utilising sports psychology, hypnotherapy and NLP. He is a qualified Hypnotherapist and NLP Practitioner.

Daragh is a sports nut and a fanatical sailor and has represented Ireland at international level.

The Performance Manifesto is Daragh's first book.

Genre(s): Nonfiction/ Self-improvement/ Personal Growth/ Success
Director(s): Daragh Sherdian

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