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Wisdom – Lost and Found

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Wisdom – Lost and Found

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We may be on the brink of losing a generation. It is not that young people attack the church. People who fight with the church are still interested. Something worse is happening. Young people are leaving the institution and are indifferent to its message.

Experts have observed that, today, two generations are sufficient for people to lose any sense of real contact with Christianity. When the first generation decide not to practise or educate its children in the faith, the second generation has no faith reference.

Some may return to the church for cultural reasons, to participate in a wedding or Mass. Before, a traditional culture favoured faith. This culture has changed. It was easy to believe when everyone believed. It was a matter of following the tide. Now there is a different culture, a modern culture that pushes religion to the margins. The tide has changed. To believe, one must swim against the tide.

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