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Where is God? Audio Book for Tablet Devices

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Where is God? Audio Book for Tablet Devices

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The great song featured on this enhanced ebook has been composed by Brendan McGinn and sung by the very talented children from the Hickey School of Music. The Narrator is Mary Murphy. Having taught in a primary school for many years one of the most enduring lessons I learned was that children never tire of asking questions! They seem to have an unnerving ability to ask questions that often leave the adults in their lives struggling for answers. 'Where is God' is my attempt to answer one such question posed by my three year old nephew to his mother. Often the image we give young children of God is of a distant God, of an old man living somewhere in the sky. In writing this book my hope is that young children will know that God is not distant but lives in each one of us, that God is in everything we see, in everything we do and in everyone we meet. The book is based on the Canticle of Daniel, that great hymn of praise to God. It is written in rhyming verse and is illustrated by David Doran, a talented, aspiring young artist from Derry. The artwork is modern, colourful and captures the imagination of young children and that of their parents and teachers. It is the first in a series of books that I hope will help parents, teachers and all adults with some of those timeless questions that children ask about God and life! Therese Ferry is the Diocesan Advisor for Primary Schools in the Derry Diocese and previously taught in St John's Primary School in the Creggan area of Derry for fifteen years.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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