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Walter Macken (1915-1967)

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Walter Macken (1915-1967)

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Popularly known for novels such as The Silent People and Sunset on the Window Panes,

Walter Macken was also a playwright, actor and theatre manager.

This book provides a complete account of Macken’s professional work for the theatre.

Presented chronologically it allows the reader to follow his career development as a playwright and actor

from his schoolboy days at the Taibhdhearc to his final writings for the theatre in the 1960s.

It draws on the criticism of his plays and his performances from a variety of sources, mainly theatre critics and reviewers,

and offers an assessment on the quality of his writings for the theatre and the quality of his acting.

The facts surrounding his two periods as a theatre manager are also identified and his contribution assessed.

Studio(s): Carysfort Press Limited

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