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Violence in Irish history

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Violence in Irish history

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Twentieth century Irish history has been dominated, not only by change, but brutal and sectarian violence. The twentieth century pervasive culture of violence was rooted in early centuries of violence. If modern Irish history began in 1600, then the culture of violence, so much part of last century, has been in the making for some time.

So begins Overcoming Violence, Johnston McMaster's alternative take on the roots of violence in Irish history. Sectarian violence, Irish politics and the events of the Easter Rising and War of Independence are dealt with in the opening chapters. This then leads to a study of violence within the Hebrew Bible and Christian Testament before McMaster concludes by offering a vision for a different culture in the future:

"In Ireland we have the opportunity to dismantle a centuries old culture and build a new one of active non-violence and compassion, at the heart of which there is also social and restorative justice and peace." Johnston McMaster

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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