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Travelling Light

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Travelling Light

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There are two questions to ask yourself: Do you feel a call to deepen your life, to live more freely, to be more happy? And the second is: Are you prepared to take the time and the trouble to discover this new way of living, and to enjoy it forever? The aim of this book is to empower you to respond 'Yes' to both questions.The 'breathers' of Travelling Light are reflections and practices for those who set out in search of their true fulfilment and destiny. The adventures will be many. The road unsure. The pain never far away. This book is written from within the author's own soul's journey. It is drawn from a theology of creation and a spirtuality of the heart.'This is a prime example of the "ordinariness of the sacred" that so many people need today. This is the wisdom that only comes from having been there, having done your homework, and having met God. It is such wisdom as Daniel O'Leary's that will lead our people through this dark and narrow time in Western Christianity. God always sends us what we need."– Richard Rohr OFM'Travelling Light is one man's journey into the abyss where mystery is at home, scary at times but always offering light and hope. This journal contains several gems of wisdom and grace, embroidered with a range of practical suggestions for meditation, stillness and prayer. What makes this book special is its transparent witness to an age-old conviction, namely that the stuff of the spiritual life is made by walking the journey, and not by reaching a destination.– Diarmuid Ó Murchú MSC'A wonderfully soothing book ... Travelling Light demonstrates with clarity and compassion that when we give ourselves the permission and space from the ever increasing busyness that affect our lives we can discover and rediscover genuine rest, insight, wisdom, compassion, lightness of heart and spirit.– Sr Stanislaus Kennedy RSCAuthor, Now is the Time

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