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Touched by God

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Touched by God
Year: 2012-08-24
Size: 488.2 KB
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'In one way or another, we are all touched by God. How can it not be so, since he loves us, since he is love itself? Sadly, some of us may never feel his touch: children born unloved and growing up without love. Sadly too, many of us shuffle or stride through life scarcely aware of that touch. Yet she is touching us all the time, through the happenings in our lives, both tragic and wonderful, through the times when we open ourselves to God in prayer, or reflect on the life of Jesus Christ.'

This is a book of random reflections on the touch of God. Anthea Dove invites us to share in her experience of God through a series of thoughts, stories and poems.

There are over one hundred pieces in this collection.

Year: 2012-08-24
Studio(s): The Columba Press

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