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The Yin Yang Complex: How to Harmonize Your Yin and Yang

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The Yin Yang Complex: How to Harmonize Your Yin and Yang

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Create success by understanding one of the world’s oldest dynamic forces

Explores the ancient philosophy of balance in all areas of life to help develop an understanding of why we feel, behave and think the way we do. In The Yin Yang Complex you will be taken on a journey of discovery that will unearth the reason why the world is in its current state of turmoil and why you have evolved in the manner that you have.

From the Mesolithic period to the modern day, Brendan Foley explores how we have become so unbalanced. He takes ancient knowledge and applies it to our lives today – our relationships, our businesses, the environment.

Each chapter contains exercises that will allow the reader to personally explore the balance in their own lives. Readers will learn the key to great relationships as well as success in all other aspects of life, gaining a comprehensive understanding of the masculine and feminine energies of The Yin Yang Complex.

Studio(s): Mercier Press

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