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The Valley of the Peacock Angel

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The Valley of the Peacock Angel
Year: 2013-05
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A young Kurdish shepherd Cotkar witnesses the slaughter of his family and most of the inhabitants in his home town of Halabja, situated in the Valley of the Peacock Angel, from the relative safety of his hut, high on the side of a mountain above the town. He hears the shells falling, and sees what seemed a straightforward attack become even more horrific as the people in the town realise they are being attacked with chemical weapons.

In this exceptional and heartbreaking new novel, Martin Malone explores the events of that attack from the perspective of the characters who peopled the Valley of the Peacock Angel.

Malone conceived the novel while serving with a UN observer force in Northern Iraq. After several attempts to write the book from an Irish character’s perspective, he finally gave in and listened to the voices of the locals.

About the Author:

Martin Malone is the author of five novels, a memoir, a short story collection, several radio plays and he has also written for TV.

His first novel Us won the John B Keane/Sunday Independent Literature Bursary and was shortlisted for the Kerry Ingredients Irish Fiction Award. His second novel After Kafra was scripted for RTE TV. The Broken Cedar was nominated for an IMPAC Award and shortlisted for a Hughes & Hughes Irish Fiction Award. His short stories have been widely broadcast and published.

In 2008, he published The Silence of the Glasshouse with New Island, a novel set in Kildare during the civil war, and in 2009, a collection of his short stories, The Mango Wars. In 2010 New Island puiblished The Only Glow of the Day a historical novel based on the Martin’s one-hour play for RTÉ Radio 1, Rosanna Night Walker.

He was longlisted for the 2012 Sunday Times EFG Short Prize. In July 2012, The Sunday Times, published an extract from his upcoming novel, Valley of the Peacock Angel which New Island will publish in May 2013. New Island will also publish a se...

Year: 2013-05
Studio(s): New Island Publishing

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