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The Silver Mine under Croagh Patrick

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The Silver Mine under Croagh Patrick
Year: 2012-11-08
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Geologist Yank Melody, owner of a successful mine in southern Bolivia, spent two years prospecting in the Clew Bay area of South Mayo where he discovered a mega silver mine under Croagh Patrick. He has obtained a mining licence which is subject to his purchasing the site.

There were three bachelor farmers in the little village of Troy at the bottom of the Reek, each with a long acre running up the mountain. All was well until eighteen year old beautiful Grainne O’Malley from Clare Island came to keep house for Pakey O’Donnell. She was a brilliant portrait and landscape painter with a sometimes fiery temperament. Within a year her son Diarmuid was born. All three bachelors, Pakey, Festy and Mickelin claimed to be the father; Grainne didn’t say that’s if she knew. Pakey died the following year.

The silver mine was on Pakey’s land. Yank offered $10 million for it. Grainne wasn’t interested in claiming ownership. So began a long struggle to clear the title; at one time there were nine claimants. The local Canon wouldn’t hear of anyone desecrating the Holy Mountain.

Yank became more and more frustrated. Bolivia’s brutal dictator De Sucre, working with an unscrupulous mining CEO intent on taking over Yank’s company, sent troops to destroy his mine in Kariba. It was vital that he buy this site; the purchase would enable him raise money to help his friends in Bolivia where freedom fighters were trying to overthrow de Sucre.

First published under the title – The Father of Troy.

Year: 2012-11-08
Studio(s): Original Writing

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