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The Secret of Kit Cavenaugh

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
The Secret of Kit Cavenaugh

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Christian – ‘Kit’ – Cavenaugh, born in 1667 in Dublin, grew up on a Leixlip farm. A dragoon in the Marlborough Wars, Kit led an adventurous life, courting women, fighting duels and arguing a paternity suit before the truth became known: Kit was a woman. After her husband and father of her three children, Richard Welsh, was press-ganged into the English army to fight in the European wars of the early eighteenth century, Kit disguised herself as a man and enlisted to find him. When she finally came face to face with Richard in 1704 she was enraged to find him in the arms of a Dutch woman. Kit’s adventures did not end there ...

Studio(s): The Collins Press

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