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The Play Is Written

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The Play Is Written

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The Play is Written is the lively and evocative life story of Peter, a spiritual seeker, as told to a man he encounters in an airport when their flights are delayed.

Growing up in a small town in Denmark in the 1950s, Peter befriends an enigmatic watchmaker and “prophet” named Carl Hansen, who lost his Jewish wife at the hands of the Nazis. Later he falls under the spell of Carl’s beautiful daughter, Maria, and hears about a mysterious group that follows an esoteric Christian system of self-knowledge.

In the 1960s, after a brief marriage and the horrors of heroin addiction, Peter travels to India in an effort to assuage his spiritual hunger. He finds a teacher named Krishna, and comes closer to uncovering his own true nature.

Back in Scandinavia, Peter and a friend find their way to the working community led by charismatic teacher “JC” in Sweden, and devote many years to learning from the master. In the background lurks the troubled and erratic Jude – Carl Hansen’s stepson.

When a member of the commune drowns, things start to fall apart. The government is looking into its tax affairs, and the local farmers and villagers turn hostile. After a climactic confrontation, the surviving members go their separate ways, to carry on JC’s work … believing that the play is written, and what matters is how well we play our parts.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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