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The Paupers' Graveyard

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
The Paupers' Graveyard

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Deep in the corner of this graveyard lies Jack Carey, christened 'Black Jack' by those who knew him in life. Death has not stopped his tormenting. His evil moves through the soil like a tentacle, tainting everything it touches, spreading misery and unrest. It moves over the bones of the dead - a dark shadow, that prods them awake. When the teeth of the big earthmovers disturb the bones of those that lie in fretful sleep they start a chain of disaster that results in the resurrection of a terrible evil that was buried among the famine victims. The planned dream homes became the stuff of nightmares for their occupants, as Black Jack Carey is once again released, to torment both the living and the dead. It would have been wiser to let him sleep.

Studio(s): Mercier Press

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