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The Legend of the Corrib King

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The Legend of the Corrib King

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When a strange invitation to go to the Corrib at dapping time arrives from their Uncle Pakie,Cowlick, Róisín and Rachel are intrigued. But when they arrive with their cousin Tapser,Pakie has disappeared and the only clue to his whereabouts is a puzzle in the form of a poem about the Corrib king. But who is the Corrib king? And what has he to do with their uncle's disappearance? It's a mystery they must solve, as their uncle's life depends on it.Their search leads them from the mysterious Illaun na Shee to the delights of Titania's Palace, where they encounter the Little People, magic and a fairy queen. Using only their wits, and with the help of some new friends, can the cousins find their Uncle Pakie before it's too late? "All the elements of a gripping adventure story - enchantment in the air, a riddle to be unravelled, a mystery to be solved." Sunday Press

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