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The Irish Civil War in Kildare

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The Irish Civil War in Kildare

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The Civil War left a more violent mark on Kildare than the War of Independence had. As a garrison county with military barracks situated on the main Cork and Limerick roads in Naas, Newbridge, the Curragh and Kildare town, it had a low level of republican military activity. By the Truce of 1921, however, Kildare’s two IRA battalions had evolved into quite efficient military units.

'A book that is guaranteed to rouse a lot of interest..'

'... easy to read while at the same time authoritative.'

Leinster Leader

'A new book by James Durney, ' The Civil War in Kildare', tells the little known story of events in the county during the period.'

Evening Echo

'...a riveting read...'

Kildare Nationalist

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