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The Holy Bible - Summarized and Simplified

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The Holy Bible - Summarized and Simplified

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The author is a qualified counsellor with a certificate in Biblical studies. He considered calling this short book – ‘The Holy Bible in one hour for dummies’ but decided it might be too sacrilegious, even though it’s a reasonably precise description. This booklet is basically a simple summary of the whole Holy Bible and can be read in approximately 60 minutes.

This booklet is ideal for beginners because it opens with a brief but very knowledgeable and spiritually insightful introduction.

Then the book starts with the first verse of the Holy Bible and the reader is then took on a journey into the spiritual realm which first reveals the rebellion in heaven and the consequences of the fall of mankind in the garden of Eden.

From the creation of the world the reader then travels through the beginnings of history and learns about the worldwide flood and the descendants of Noah and the reasons why there are different languages, races, and religions in the world.

Using the authors knowledge of history and a total of 40 key Bible verses the reader is introduced to characters such as Abraham and Moses and their descendants the Jews, also insight about their history in the holy land [Israel] and the significance of the coming of the Jewish Messiah to save them and the rest of the mankind.

The rest of the booklet focus is on the Biblical prophecy - the current disastrous state of affairs in the world today and in the holy land, plus the holy war for Jerusalem and what the future holds.

Finally the books ends with a clear explanation of the Gospel [good news], by simply revealing more knowledge of the grace of God and how the reader can receive the forgiveness of sins and become a child of God destined for paradise by trusting in the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.

The Judeo-Christian God is indeed the God of peace and hope and in Him you will find peace in this life and hope for the afterlife.

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