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The Holistic Gardener: First Aid from the Garden

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The Holistic Gardener: First Aid from the Garden

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A handy guide to quick and effective first-aid treatments for commonly occurring accidents and complaints, derived from garden, pantry and under-sink sources.

From a thorn prick to heatstroke, from chapped hands to heart attack, from pesticide poisoning to wasp stings: all of these can be treated on site with what you grow. The resource is on your doorstep: the plant beside you as your work or relax in the garden can be the answer to the hive, ache or watery eye.

It is written by a professional gardener with a lifetime of experience of accidents that can happen in the garden and of how to cure/respond within the garden context using plants and items at hand in the garden. All the dots are joined, you won’t need a book on herbs, a book on homemade remedy preparation and a garden plant reference – they are all combined in the first aid advice in this book.

Studio(s): Mercier Press

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