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The Evolution of Irish Nationalist Politics

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The Evolution of Irish Nationalist Politics

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Professor Tom Garvin's classic work studies the growth of nationalism in Ireland from the middle of the eighteenth century to modern times.

It traces the continuity of tradition from earlier organisations, such as the United Irishmen and the agrarian Ribbonmen of the eighteenth century, through the followers of Daniel O’Connell, the Fenians and the Land League in the nineteenth century to the Irish political parties of today, including Sinn Féin, Fianna Fáil, Labour Party and Fine Gael.

The dual nature of Irish nationalism is shown in sharp focus. Despite the secular and liberal leanings of many Irish leaders and theoreticians, their followers were frequently sectarian and conservative in social outlook. This book demonstrates how this dual legacy has influenced the politics of modern Ireland.

The Evolution of Irish Nationalist Politics: Table of Contents

  1. Irish parties and Irish politics
    The Irish republic: post-colonial politics in a western European state
    Political culture and political organisation
    Geography, economics and method

  2. The origins of Irish popular politics
    Roots of Irish popular nationalism
    The beginnings of urban radical political organisation, 1750–1800
    Agrarianism, religion and revolution, 1760–1800

  3. The development of nationalist popular politics, 1800–48
    Secret societies before the Famine: the rise of Ribbonism
    Political mobilisation in pre-Famine nationalist Ireland

  4. Secret societies and party politics after the Famine
    The social background
    Electoral politics after the Famine
    The recrudescence of republicanism: Fenianism and the Agrarians
    The IRB and Irish politics after the Land War

  5. Agrarianism, nationalism and party politics, 1874–95
    Political mobilisation and the agrarian campaign
    The development of the Irish Nat...

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