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The Eloquence of the Dead

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
The Eloquence of the Dead
Year: 2013-09
Size: 980.5 KB
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'Bodies can tell you a lot. There can be an eloquence about the dead. But you have to be able to interpret what they are telling you…'

When a Dublin Pawnbroker is found murdered and the lead suspect goes missing, Sergeant Joe Swallow is handed the poisoned chalice of the investigation. With authorities pressing for a quick resolution, the public living in fear of attack and the newspapers happy to point to the police’s every mistake, Swallow must use every trick in his arsenal to crack the case.

On the way he uncovers deep-rooted corruption, discovers the power of new, scientific detection techniques and encounters a ruthless adversary.

Following leads from Trim to the Tower of London, The Eloquence of the Dead is the second of the Joe Swallow books and is a fast-paced and gripping crime thriller from the pen of a truly talented writer.

Year: 2013-09
Studio(s): New Island Publishing

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