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The Dyslexic Poet

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The Dyslexic Poet
Year: 2012-10-17
Size: 811.9 KB
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This book is a new collection and once again you will find something for everyone.

Jean is a long time scribbler of Children’s Fiction, Fantasy Stories, Poetry, Prose’s, Music Lyrics as well her own tip of the tongue pieces.

By this stage most of you will be aware that Jean is Dyslexic. So as with her first book 'A Right Brain Mind In A Left Brain World.' Jean has decided to follow on the trend and forgo a proof read or edit on this book too.

For Jean this second title is as much. a triumph, as the first . The poetry reads from a collection of Love, Sadness, Tragic, Darkness, Nature, Life Experience, Humour and Family, Childrens verse and more.

Jean is married and lives with her husband and two daughters in County Limerick. Through her writing Jean has many friends all over the world some published some not, they have always encouraged to get her work out there to you the Readers.

You can find more information on Jean at her web page so please feel free can leave her a message, ask a question or just say hello. Jean will always reply where possible.

Year: 2012-10-17
Studio(s): Original Writing

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