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The Dublin Docks

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The Dublin Docks

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A small tribute to all the men who worked on the Dublin Docks over the years including the merchant sea men, and thousands of sailors who came from all over the world’s mysterious cities and ports to anchor and unload their cargo along the quays port and docks of a growing Dublin City’ emerging from the scars of world wars, rebellion against British rule, civil war and dire poverty. The many coal boats and merchant ships, the huge Yankee tanker ships from the USA, the cargo boats ‘full passenger and emigration ships leaving Ireland’ all the people who trudged along the Dublin docks seeking work or a new life abroad. The button men, crane drivers, casual dock workers watchmen lorry men’ the old British and Irish (B&I) Steam Packet Company ships stores warehouses sheds. The mercurial Gas company and gas workers, the horse carts wagons trucks bikes and handcart men, the ‘shovels hooks and hobnail boots men, the dock workers on the Guinness boats and barges, the ferrymen tug boat and row boat men the underwater ‘frogmen and all those that drowned in the murky river waters. The ‘penny dinners and nuns mad characters tramps dipso’s and wineo ‘early morning and late night public houses, the barmen owners employers and trade unions, the priests women churches and the mothers who reared them all. Under the light of a full moon on the calm Royal Blue waters of Dublin’s river Liffey, included in this book is a rare copy of the ‘Register of Dockers (1946) button men and casuals all members of the old Marine Port and General Workers Union.

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