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The Dead Eight

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The Dead Eight
Year: 2011-12
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"Gébler is an overlooked novelist. The Dead Eight is one of the truest, least flashy, most human novels I have read for a long time." - The Telegraph
"a book so rich in characterisation, so expertly paced and so well-written that it works equally well as absorbing social history and page-turning thriller." Irish Independent
'Lies are the quickest way to hang a man.' - Irish Proverb
On a wet November morning in 1940, Harry Gleeson discovered the body of Moll McCarthy in a field near the village of New Inn, Co. Tipperary. She had been shot twice with a shotgun, once in the face...
Tracing Moll's journey to this tragic end, Carlo Gébler's novel explores how the local police fabricated their case against Harry Gleeson and why an entire community looked away as the Irish judicial system prosecuted, convicted and condemned to death an innocent man.

Carlo Gébler is the author of many books, including The Cure, How to Murder a Man, A Good Day for a Dog, and Father and I: A Memoir.
Year: 2011-12
Studio(s): New Island Publishing

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