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The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
The Cryptid Files: Mexican Devil

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‘Vanessa found herself looking straight into a large, salivating mouth with razor-sharp fangs. Above it, two glowing red eyes pulsed to the sound of her heart…’

Vanessa’s summer holiday on a ranch in Mexico is turned upside down as she enters a shadowy world of mysterious animal death, magical curses and dark family secrets. As she tumbles headlong into the mystery of El Chupacabra she starts to understand why some call it the Mexican Devil.

In this, the second book of the Cryptid Files series, Jean Flitcroft once again takes us by the hand and leads us deep into her world of myth, magic and monsters.

‘Flitcroft has a light and convincing touch ... Her talent as a storyteller with her scientific background makes for a winning combination’

-Books Ireland

Studio(s): Little Island

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