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The Catholic Educator

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The Catholic Educator

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The Irish Catholic post-primary school is an open, loosely-coupled, complex, dynamic, people-centred service organisation which seeks to develop the whole person within the context of a particular ethos sourced in the words and deeds of Jesus of Nazareth and the values and priorities of the Gospels.

The book seeks to integrate thirty three years teaching experience in an Irish Catholic post-primary school with some key educational concepts and theoretical frameworks in order to provide the reader with a basic knowledge, understanding and appreciation of educational practice within the Irish Catholic post-primary school sector.
The book is divided into four significant and relevant sections:
• Knowledge of self,
• Knowledge of task,
• Knowledge of context,
• Knowledge of organisation.
While the four sections are separate entities, they are inextricably intertwined and shape both educational practice and organisational culture at post-primary school level.
It is hoped that the insights obtained over a thirty three year teaching career will be of benefit to prospective educators considering a career in the Irish Catholic post-primary school sector.

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