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The Bad Dad’s Survival Guide

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The Bad Dad’s Survival Guide

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The Bad Dad’s Survival Guide takes a full frontal look at the effect fatherhood can have on a man. Particularly the effect it can have on a geezer, a bloke, a playa, any cheeky chappie deluded enough to think he can pull off one of those labels with a straight face. Which, of course, is most blokes if they’re being honest.

Essentially it highlights the biggest change a man can experience: moving from being a son to a father. It doesn’t pretend that this is easy or pretty, but it insists that this is a wonderful privilege.

Intended to shock but written with a smile, this book will press buttons of recognition in all fathers, new and old, and also help the women who live with them to understand their particular and peculiar dilemmas.

Read it and you might survive!

A refreshingly original comic voice ... Never less than outrageously funny ... I had a six-pack from laughing.

Paul Howard, aka Ross O’Carroll-Kelly, columnist and author of The Oh My God Delusion amongst many others.

What a relief to realise that you’re not alone in finding the monumental grapple of fatherhood an overwhelming experience. It’s an indispensable manual that will touch the hearts, and preserve the sanity, of men everywhere.

Tom Dunne, broadcaster and singer with Something Happens.

The Bad Dad’s Survival Guide was first published in 2009 by Gill & Macmillan, Dublin.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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