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The Ark of Dun Ruah

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The Ark of Dun Ruah

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Reached #1 on the Irish Children’s Fiction Bestseller list!

‘Where are you going in such a hurry?’ Kerry asked Pod, the blue Owl. He flitted nervously around her shoulders. ‘the eagles are after me,’ he panted. ‘they’re coming around the corner. this time they’ll get me. I’m done for...’

The quiet life of Kilbeggin is shattered when a horde of Giant Eagles descend on it. They are bent on an evil mission. Brother and sister Simon and Kerry Macken are hurled into an adventure almost beyond their control. No one believes their friend Pod, the blue Owl, when he claims that the eagles are trying to abduct him. Simon witnesses a vicious eagle attack on a mysterious stranger in a grey cloak. And it’s clear that this man has some kind of supernatural power over the eagles.

On board the legendary ship, the Ark of Dun Ruah, Pod comes face to face with the deadly force of evil, this threat comes form a remote monastic island. Does the man in the grey cloak really have power over the eagles? How can he hold back a tyrannical eagle King and his army of brainwashed hit men?

Giant Eagles are far from being extinct, they have the power to carry grown men to their deaths. What chance does a grumpy old owl and his friends have against them?...


Maria Burke lives in Cork with her husband and eleven year old son. She is a writer, radio presenter and artist. She worked as a primary school teacher for some years and her love of story telling started there. This is Maria’s first novel and the first in the “Ark of Dun Ruah series”. The next book is “Protectors of the Flame”.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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