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Texts and Tips for Spiritual Directors and for Personal Prayer

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Texts and Tips for Spiritual Directors and for Personal Prayer

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Have you ever been stuck for the 'right’ text for today’s context? Here, over 200 well-known scripture texts are selected for use under everyday life-themes and experiences – transition, conflict, thanksgiving, prayer etc, offered in an especially easy-to-find format.

Although mainly intended for those accompanying others in their spiritual journey (with practical tips for working in this field), this resource book will also prove beneficial for anyone looking for easy access to scripture themes, whether for personal prayer or working with retreats or prayer groups.

Anne Alcock is a well known spiritual director, holistic counsellor and retreat giver. She holds MA degrees in pastoral theology and in Applied theology. She has been involved in this ministry for over 20 years, in Ireland, Africa, and the UK. Anne works in private practice as a whole-person consultant and psychotherapist. She is the author of the Scripture-based books Word into Heart, Woman in Search of Wholeness and Turning Aside to Hear.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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