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Spirit of the Burren

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Spirit of the Burren

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This book uses the limestone scenery of Ireland's Burren as a backdrop towards understanding of how landscape and human consciousness intertwine. A highly informative book it explores this beautiful, rare Irish landscape from the eyes of a "spiritual geographer", who structures it round the five elements known to eastern philosophy. The author concludes with a sixth universal new element. She offers rare and profound insights based on her own research into a wide range of subjects including local legends, the science of earth energies (that appears to validate the human experience of spiritual dimensions), metaphysics and early Christianity in the Burren.

Each chapter is introduced by the author's poems which are inspired by nature. The book is both poetic and stimulating. It encourages the reader to explore the Burren within a wider framework than normally suggested by authors writing on this subject.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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