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So Where Were We?

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
So Where Were We?

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The second installment of Scarlett and David's tumultuous romance. Having laid down the gauntlet to David in no uncertain terms having found out he was Married, a minor detail he forgot to mention, Scarlett has fled to the scene of the original one night stand, Estepona. Taking Billie with her she hopes to relax for a week and get her head around the uncertain state of her relationship,or so she thought.She hadn't accounted for their new Neighbour, Harry, who with his American Charm and forthright views on Sex and sexuality rocks more than Scarlett's boat leaving her in a quandry and also with a taste for some sexual adventure. Meanwhile David is dealing with trying to unravel if he is the one for Scarlett little knowing there's more than just him vying for her attention. Will they get back together? Will Harry put a spanner in the works? What will Billie get up too?

Studio(s): Original Writing

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