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Seascapes: Tom MacSweeney

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Seascapes: Tom MacSweeney
Year: 2012
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Seascapes has been on RTÉ radio for over thirty years and in this book Tom MacSweeney, the RTÉ Marine Correspondent and presenter of the programme includes some of the most fascinating maritime stories that have featured over the years.
With stories from all along the beautiful coastline of Ireland, including those of the 400 who died to build Dún Laoghaire harbour, the landings of the Munster fusiliers at Gallipoli and the Barna bog boat, Seascapes offers a wonderful perspective on our maritime heritage. Featuring tales of tragedy and triumph alike, Tom reveals the lives and history of this ‘Island Nation’.
Tom MacSweeney was assigned to Cork in the 1970s at RTÉ's first Regional Correspondent. While serving as Munster Correspondent, an old fisherman in Kinsale told him: 'down here you should have a boat ...' So, pushing thirty, he first learned to swim and took an adult training course on National 18 dinghies at Monkstown Bay Sailing Club, and a lifetime's interest in all things maritime was re-awakened. In 2008 he was named Maritime Person of the Year by the RNLI.
Please note that some images available in the printed book are not available in the ebook due to rights restrictions.

Year: 2012
Studio(s): Mercier Press

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