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Poems for All Occasions

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Poems for All Occasions

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"Poems For All Occasions" is a collection of poetry from the pen of Mairead Tuohy Duffy. In it, she captures all the old traditional practices in her native Kerry, intermingled with her good humoured experiences as a teacher for 36 years, in Wicklow, Offaly and Dublin suburbs. Her great respect is evident, for all the young men and women, who had to leave Ireland through out the years. Many of her poems are spiritual, especially her great love for her Guardian Angel. From the drowning butterfly to the Kingdom Bog, from shearing of sheep to the thatcher, Mairead sees beauty in everything. Her poems will bring a smile to the reader's face and a warm tear to his/her eyes and hopefully her spiritual poems will bring happiness to sad and lonely souls, who feel left out and forgotten in a changed world.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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