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On the Path of Enlightenment

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On the Path of Enlightenment

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This book tells the extraordinary story of Leon Moscona who searched for and finally achieved Enlightenment. For this purpose he embarked on a long spiritual journey full of tests, difficulties, surprises, challenges and blessings along the way. During his journey he had amazing encounters with the Spirits of Zoroaster, Krishna, Buddha, Moses, Christ, St. Peter, St. John, Ramakrishna, Babaji, Beinsa Douno and Imam Mahdi, who helped him to refine his physical body and to develop the etheric, astral, causal, buddhic and atmic spiritual bodies. He was also warmly supported by the tender care of the Divine Mother. Each encounter was a great existential, metaphysical and mystical story, which shed light on the essence of the human being and the past, present and future of the life of humankind.

As a result Leon Moscona gradually raised his consciousness to the Highest Divine World. There, by the grace of God, he received enlightenment which helped him to restore the Axis Mundi in his consciousness. His enlightenment allowed him to embrace the whole of Creation and to live with a refined physical and etheric body on Earth, with a blossoming human soul in the angelic world and with an awakened Higher Self in the Divine world. The enlightenment which Leon Moscona received brought a new fruit from the Tree of Life, a new initiation in the spiritual evolution of humankind and a revelation for the establishment of the Kingdom of God on Earth. He then descended into the world to bring this initiation to the people.

On the Path of Enlightenment reveals the amazing spiritual journey of Leon Moscona and outlines the main features of the coming reality of the New Heaven and the New Earth. Anyone who is spiritually advanced on the path will receive help and support for their journey; the awakening souls from the four corners of the Earth will raise further their cosmic consciousness; and all people who live in accordance with the main human virtues, will recei...

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