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Oisin Takes the Name

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Oisin Takes the Name

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Oisin is a thirty-eight year old music obsessed man employed by Farmer's Garage Station. Widely disliked by many for his petulant and domineering manner, Oisin finds comfort in the music of The New York Dolls and his own imaginary band 'The Strains' of whom he is lead vocalist. There is nothing hidden about Oisin's delusion and he takes every opportunity to promote The Strains to every person he encounters. Oisin insists on being called Astrain - this symbolises his perfect identity. When Oisin is not working night duty shifts in Farmer's Garage he pursues his fetish for attending job-interviews. When called to these random interviews he fantasises they are conducted by music journalists from "Rolling Stone" Magazine amongst others. Along his interview path he encounters the bewitchingly beautiful Marina who comes with the burden of reality and has the potential to demolish Oisin's fantasy world. Although dramatically incapable of creating music Oisin believes it is his duty to bring the message of 'The Strain's' to the world.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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