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Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland 1858-1928

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Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland 1858-1928

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The present-day Republic of Ireland was created by a revolutionary élite which developed between 1858 and 1914. Here, one of Ireland’s most eminent historians, Professor Tom Garvin, considers the social origins of the revolutionary politicians who became the rulers of Ireland after the 1916 Rising and examines their political preconceptions, ideologies and prejudices. In many cases they were not only influenced by old agrarian grievances and memories of the Great Irish Famine, but also, and more immediately, by the contemporary Catholic abhorrence of the Protestant and secular world symbolised by London, England and, to some extent, America.

Drawing on the evidence of private letters and diaries as well as the popular nationalist journalism of the period, 'Nationalist Revolutionaries in Ireland' makes a hugely original contribution to Irish historiography. Daring and provocative, it reconstructs the private thoughts, hopes and prejudices of the men and women who secured Irish independence.

Studio(s): Gill & Macmillan

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