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Mr. Smelly Sox

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Mr. Smelly Sox
Year: 2012-11-26
Size: 311.4 KB
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Mr Smelly Sox hasn't washed his feet in years because a doctor once told him that if he put them in water they would melt and fall off. He only owns one pair of socks. So as not to lose them, he never takes them off. This, along with not being washed, make his feet stink - worse than thesmell of one hundred rotting fish.

However a trip to the dentist turns out to be a life changing event for him. By accident the dental nurse stumbles upon a cure for his feet. From then on things can only get better.

He also spends a day fishing by the river in the park. Find out what happens when he goes to buy shoes on Christmas Eve, and when he takes a driving lesson. See how he gets on when he goes dancing and finally at the end, the day he gets married to Polly Pink Slippers.

Mr. Smelly Sox is clumsy and awkward most of the time,' but as Polly Pink Slippers says, 'He has a heart of gold and wouldn't say boo to a goose'

Year: 2012-11-26
Studio(s): Original Writing

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