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Max Stone and the lost star of Zirdon

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Max Stone and the lost star of Zirdon

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‘’A gripping tale of danger, adventure and courage’’. ‘’Max’s blood turned to ice as the lizard warrior of the Kaemon Klann stared in his direction. ‘Ruurrrarrrgh’ a guttural cackle came from its throat and Max knew he was done for. But the creature couldn’t move any further, it was pinned by a young warrior of Zirdon and his giant Fight-Cat. The warrior reached down from his mount and swung the handle of his blade hard against the lizard creature’s skull, cruuuunchh’. The creature was dazed. The young alien warrior held out his hand to Max. ‘Come’ he said, roughly. Max hesitated. ‘Stay and you will die’. When Max Stone discovers a strange box in his Grandfather’s attic he had no idea that he held the key to saving an entire planet. The Kaemon Klann have invaded Zirdon and mean to destroy it and all who live there to ensure their own freedom. Unless a hero comes forward, one brave enough to face these daemons. Will Max have the courage to survive the dangers on the planet Zirdon?

Studio(s): Original Writing

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