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Legends of Galway Football 1900 - 1960

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Legends of Galway Football 1900 - 1960

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The history of Galway football was shaped by individuals who made extraordinary sacrifices and contributions to the sport in the county. Some devoted much of their adult life to the cause, as players, administrators, selectors or trainers. What the fans saw on the field on big match days was the culmination of months and years of hard work behind the scenes.

But there was some good fortune too, none more so than the All-Ireland of 1925, in all probability the most bizarre championship on record. It was a man by the name of Michael Walsh from Ballinasloe who scored the winning goal to beat Mayo. The goal and manner of Galway’s first All-Ireland success has long since entered the annals of popular folklore.

Many brilliant Galway teams followed including the golden generation of the 1930s and the star-studded side of the 1950s with Purcell and Stockwell to the fore. The period 1900 to 1960 saw Galway football rise from mediocrity to become a powerhouse of the sport. It could not have been achieved without the hard work and dedication of many people, fifteen of whom are included in this book.

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