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Lavender Terrace

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
Lavender Terrace

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This is the story of the people who live in the five houses of Lavender Terrace and how their lives interact with one another. Abigail Fox’s adored niece Amy is determined to get her aunt married. A meeting for lunch is arranged with wealthy bachelor Reggie Barron who lives at number 5 and many outings to the theatre organised. But it comes to a dramatic ending. Next door young Norman Kane knocks around with the flirtatious Marlene Doyle but eventually falls in love with Brenda from number 4 who does not return his love – well not at first. The Lipman sisters bring humour to the story with their flamboyant ways but whose Christmas parties are most popular. Martha Leonard has financial worries and brings in her sister Rachel who lives in Killiney and lives a busy social life. Martha’s daughter Brenda finds a way to settle her mother’s worries. The characters in this story will keep you guessing as you read through it.

Studio(s): Original Writing

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