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Knock ... and Still They Come

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Knock ... and Still They Come

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Knock is Ireland’s national Marian Shrine and is visited by hundreds of thousands of pilgrims every year. This book is about why they come.

Edited by Fr Colm Kilcoyne, who worked at Knock himself for over ten years, it contains contributions from many of the people who make Knock happen, day in day out, for pilgrims, tourist and visitors. The range of things going on at Knock Shrine will come as a surprise to most people, even the regular visitor. From counselling to prayer guidance, youth ministry to the Chapel of Reconciliation, the Knock Shrine Bookshop, the Carmelite Monastery, from Stewards and Handmaids, we get a range of perspectives on what makes Knock so special both to individual pilgrims and to the wider Irish church.

This unique collection of essays and insights also includes the experiences of ordinary pilgrims to Knock as recorded in the shrine visitors’ book, and an interview conducted with the late PP and Rector of Knock Shrine, Fr Joe Quinn, who was so well known to the thousands he came in contact with through his work at the shrine.

There are as many insights into Knock as there are individual visitors, pilgrim, and workers, the contributions here are a mix of knowing and questioning.

So if you ever wondered why so many people make the trip to Knock, or what it is about this place that makes it unique, here are some insights to help you answer those questions, and maybe pose a few new ones.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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