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Knights Cross Trilogy - Book 2 - London Calling

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Knights Cross Trilogy - Book 2 - London Calling

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Max Simon, a cricket loving graduate of Oxford University, is instructed by his German father to fight for the Fatherland on the outbreak of the Second World War. Simon serves with distinction on the Russian Front as a Tank Commander in the Wehrmacht, winning the coveted Knights Cross with Oak Leaves, before being “volunteered” to join Adolf Hitler’s Waffen SS.

A war-weary Simon is filled with despair as he witnesses the Third Reich collapsing during 1944-45 and is confronted by its monstrous evil. Author DNJ Greaves has written a compelling espionage story which drifts through the corridors of power in Churchill’s London and Hitler’s Berlin.

“It is on a par with the very best of Leo Kessler.”

Steve Newman, Bookstove Website

Studio(s): Original Writing

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