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King Cool

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King Cool

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‘KING COOL’ – a humourous adventure fiction with an innovative 21st Century storyline that fuses together the lives of two legendary leaders – one contemporary (the President of the United States of America) and the other a mythological Irish Giant (King Finn MacCool). The King Cool story will appeal to readers of all ages as it unveils the timeless tale of one man’s amazing date with destiny and its potential impact for the rest of the world.

When United States President ‘Baz’ Obanna decides to visit Ireland, just before the election for his second term in the White House, little did he realize, the dramatic outcome his visit would have … not only on his own future … but the future of the entire world.

His visit to Ireland was the result of the President honouring a long standing invitation from his friend, Jono James, a legendary Irish rock star, after they appeared together on a prime time TV chat show in America.

During his stay in Ireland with his wife Rachel, the President was hoping to meet some of his long lost Irish relatives and was also looking forward to an encounter with the original ‘King of Cool’, whom the rock star had assured him, was a real Irish legend.

However, the President was totally unaware how this off the cuff piece of Irish ‘blarney’, would bring about the most profound and perilous, yet often hilarious, life changing journey of his political career. A journey that would lead him to the world famous natural Wonder of the World at the Giant’s Causeway, where an unexpected brush with destiny and a remarkable out of this world experience, would challenge his creativity, courage and qualities as a leader.

This was an experience that would also prove to be… a giant leap for humankind!

Studio(s): Original Writing

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