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Kerry's Fighting Story 1916-21 - Intro. J.J Lee

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Kerry's Fighting Story 1916-21 - Intro. J.J Lee

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The classic text on the struggle for independence in Kerry. Almost a century ago a small body of men engaged in combat with the armed forces of an Empire. Militarily they were weak. Their strength lay in their faith in their cause and in the unflinching support of a civilian population which refused to be cowed by threats or by violence. This new edition of Kerry’s Fighting Stories features stories and reports from every aspect of the conflict, from the formation of the Volunteers in Kerry early in the twentieth century, through the first casualties as the Easter Rising took its toll and on to the campaigns in the East and West of the county during the war of Independence itself. With barracks attacks, ambushes, shootings and even engagements with warships, it brings to life a conflict that is fading from the collective memory of the county and country. This classic account, with a new introduction by Professor J.J. Lee, offers a fascinating insight into the struggle for independence in Kerry from the perspective of those who took part in the actions themselves.

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