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Kembali ~ Into Unchartered Waters

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Kembali ~ Into Unchartered Waters

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Book Two of this Kembali series recounts the exploits of a Japanese Officer who was killed in World War Two, and then reincarnated and raised as a Mystic in Malaya. It tells of his journey back to Japan to his former home to close that chapter of his past life.

As a fully fledged Mystic - thanks to the guidance of his Masters (of human and Fairy origin), he joins them in the fight against Evil forces that plan to destroy the world of Man. This takes him to places where few men have ever been, from the steaming jungles of Papua New Guinea to the undersea palace of Ratu Kidul, the legendary Queen of the Southern Ocean where he encounters even more magical wonders.

His apprenticeship with Badang, the fairy healer, takes him into realms where energy manipulation of Time and Space is possible and where he learns the interconnection of all things of this world. He is taught the techniques of remote healing and event manipulation so as to shape one’s future.

His last battle on behalf of his Masters sees him at his best and at his weakest, and their ultimate triumph…………..for the time being.

Please note that this is semi auto-biographical, written with a huge dollop of fantasy and a large pinch of mischief!

Studio(s): Original Writing

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