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Justice for My Son

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Justice for My Son

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This is every family’s worst nightmare. It is the Story of how a healthy five-month-old baby was reduced to a vegetative state by a medical procedure that the public authorities and the medical profession have refused to accept was in any way responsible.
Alan Duffy was brain damaged following the whooping cough vaccine and lived until he was a skeletal and helpless 22 year old. He died on New Year’s Eve, 1995.
Justice for My Son tells of how Alan’s mother, Vera, patiently and laboriously acquired the knowledge and the evidence over many years, evidence she believes many eminent medical people and the government of the day suppressed. It is evidence of a link between the vaccine and what happened to Alan and exposes a kind of ‘Russian Roulette’ accepted by vaccination programmes.
In fact the Dublin City Coroner used his own department funds to make an appeal on Vera’s behalf to the Supreme Court when he failed to get the government to indemnify him. By this unprecedented action,he demonstrated his belief of where the truth of the matter lies.
This fight won’t bring Alan back. But his mother will not give up until she finally gets justice for her son.

Studio(s): Gill & Macmillan

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