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A witch who runs a second-hand shop…

A blue cat with an attitude…

Two thieves and a magical savant…

A detective…

Things lurking in the shadows…

And a golden bracelet that opens a portal to another world...

This is Vex, where magic and modern technology run side by side, cities are full of trees, animals can talk and careless inhabitants can rip a hole in the fabric of reality. It’s big, bold and half-crazed.And unless one witch and her cat can stop them, monsters are going to tear it apart in their quest for ultimate power...

About the Author

Rory van Dokkum was born into a bookish family and grew up in a home filled with shelves of books, all promising strange tales and interesting journeys. The first chance he got he started reading, and he hasn’t stopped since.

The wordsmithery came later. Constant exposure to fantasy and sci-fi literature, as well as books on mythology, science, natural history, and of course magic, together with brief stays in other countries and scores of unique and interesting acquaintances, have all fuelled an over-active imagination. Writing stories is the only method Rory knows for venting all the crazy stuff he comes up with.

After scores of attempts that have all ended in failure (usually because his mercurial interest has been captured elsewhere), this is Rory’s first completed novel.

Studio(s): EMU INK

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