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Journeys is a book of stories, real-world and work-related perhaps, but stories nonetheless. They are tales for managers: always about leadership and often about life. Each of the 15 stories is based on actual occurrences and explores a different aspect of management. Many are linked by common themes and characters but all promote the view that our potential for success – in business and beyond – is directly influenced by the interplay between our attitudes, attributes and actions. To excel in any management role, we constantly must reflect upon who we are, how we think and what we do. These tales are shaped by current management theory, the author’s extensive experience and by real-world leadership lessons learned from other people and situations. As the themes and characters unfold, they will serve as a vehicle to help you to think about your own performance. Some comments from international business leaders on JOURNEYS: "This book is a must read for anyone in management. Enda Larkin does an excellent job of simplifying the complexities of management through story-telling. Journeys will engage and entertain you from the start whilst providing you with many practical tools and tips. It is a real gem." Deirdre Clohessy, HR Manager, Toyota Ireland. "Enda Larkin's book on the art of management should be required reading for all managers. Not only is his method of conveying key messages much more interesting (stories!) than the average management book, he avoids the idea that there's a one-size-fits-all approach to management. Rather, he encourages readers to find their own lessons in the stories. An entertaining and thought-provoking read." Siobhan Cleary, Director: Strategy and Public Policy, Johannesburg Stock Exchange. "Leadership is a great and never-ending learning journey. Enda´s book offers actions and insights from a human, fun and provocative management experience. This is not only a book about making people happier at work but about the way we interact...

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