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Jesus the Messiah and the Promises of the Word of God, Your Sure and Secure Hope

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Jesus the Messiah and the Promises of the Word of God, Your Sure and Secure Hope

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If you are a Christian who needs to be rejuvenated then the revelation of Biblical hope and valuable knowledge in this book will bring a whole new vitality and wisdom to your spiritual life. If you are not a Christian but you sincerely want to have the Judeo-Christian God as your Saviour and Lord and come into possession of the truthful hope of everlasting life, then, you can be sure He will infuse you with a divine hopefulness and revolutionise your life.

Of the 66 books and letters that comprise the whole Holy Bible practically all of them are clustered with messages of hope. Sadly the Biblical message and virtue of hope seems to have been brushed aside. Why? Because manmade traditions have been followed instead of the Word of God. Also the English word for hope has degenerated over the years, plus it just never had the same impact as the more forceful and trustful words for hope in the original Biblical language. These and other relevant issues are addressed - which will lay a firm foundation for your future hope.

As a counsellor I know from psychology that the 5 main existential issues and some of the deepest problems individuals develop are all connected to the phenomenons of identity, meaningless, isolation, fear, and death. As you read through this book you will notice how the virtue of hope gives you the reason and ability to overcome those and other psychological problems, and you will see how the virtue of hope enhances your fortitude, temperance, intelligence, and practically every other good virtue.

Also, attaining the reliable hope that Jesus the Messiah offers makes death something to be welcomed instead of feared, so pleasantness in life increases since you can confidently look forward to blissfulness for eternity.

Possessing and living in the security of a genuine and indestructible hope is one of the greatest blessings you can attain in this life, so needless to say;- you would be very prudent to receive the ...

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