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It Happens Between Stops

 in Category:  "Irish eBooks"
It Happens Between Stops

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As an entertaining well written, dip in for a shot kind of book, this publication does not disappoint. So many tastes and flavours, none of them likely to give anybody indigestion. I take my hat off to Mattie Lennon, his guys and gals and congratulate all of them. I was very moved by 'Autumn Day' by Cathy Hickey, a well observed poem, free of artifice, her closing lines leaving me deeply moved. My best wishes to all of you. God bless. Lee Dunne Witty and gritty, It Happens Between Stops is something rare in Irish fiction - a view of working life from the inside. It combines the freshness, vigour, humour and hard edge of everyday speech with the determination to transform the mundane with the power of imagination. Best of luck, Fintan O 'Toole

Studio(s): Original Writing

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