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Irish Ghost Stories

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Irish Ghost Stories

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There is a strong and ancient tradition of ghostly appearances in Ireland. The country is full of old castles with secret rooms, and while some of the stories are obvious figments of lively imaginations, there are other tales that cannot easily be explained away. Of the many bizarre ocurrences related in this collection, perhaps the strangest is the case of the Gormanstown Foxes: on the death of a Viscount Gormanstown, groups of foxes would gather around the castle and sit there untouched by hounds until the funeral rites were over.

Irish Ghost Stories contains stories that tell of spooky goings-on in almost every part of the country. They include the tales of the Wizard Earl of Kildare, the Scanlan Lights of Limerick, Buttoncap of Antrim, Maynooth College's haunted room, Loftus Hall in Wexford, and an account of how the poet Francis Ledwidge appeared to an old friend in County Meath.

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