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Ireland's Boxing Legends: Ringside with the Celtic Warriors

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Ireland's Boxing Legends: Ringside with the Celtic Warriors

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For a small nation on the edge of the Atlantic, Ireland has produced many famous boxers and has made, and continues to make, a major contribution to the long, rich history of the sport. Besides second-generation Irish legends like John L Sullivan, James J Corbett, Gene Tunney and many others, native sons have kept the tricolour flying throughout the far corners of the globe. Ireland indeed has an unmatched record in the sport.

In this fascinating book, the first complete and up to date story of the Irish-born Celtic warriors, Ireland's leading boxing writer and historian Thomas Myler takes readers on a magic carpet ride through some of the ring's greatest moments. Extensively researched with many interviews and with sixteen pages of photographs, the book reveals many previously unknown facts. It covers the bareknuckle days of folk hero Dan Donnelly, and includes Mike McTigue, Jack Doyle, Rinty Monaghan and others right up to modern greats like Bary McGuigan, Steve Collins, Bernard Dunne and Katie Taylor. There is also an assessment of the Irish team in the London Olympics, bringing the book completely up to date.

Studio(s): The Columba Press

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